The Fatal Disconnect

The true task of a Christian is to take what is gained from worship and apply it to everyday life.

Christians speak their own vernacular, their own language - so is it any wonder we're misunderstood by the world? The sad thing is, we ourselves have fallen prey to this disconnect, and so we switch from our Sunday personas to our weekly ones. Truthfully, there should be no switch. That's why people think Christ isn't applicable to our daily situations. We have made God and Church a sacred, separate thing that must remain confined to a Sunday. And in so doing we prove that we neither acknowledge nor understand the true power of God. We have failed to prove that He is viable.

If CHRISTIANS actually put Christian principles into daily situations, others would contemplate employing these same principles. So, here's the challenge: #MakeTheWorshipWorthIt . Let what you've learnt and received from God be clear in each interaction of your daily life.


By Jonathan 'Semaj' James

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