Mission/Evangelism Committee

Principal Function: (1) to assist the church to reaching the unsaved, unchurched (2) to identify areas of ministry in the community and (3) to recommend to the church areas for mission establishment.


Consult with and assist the pastor in developing and presenting to the church an aggressive and perennial program of evangelism.

  1. Identify the church’s evangelistic opportunities and work to sensitize members to these opportunities.
  2. Work with program organizations and other committees to enlist and equip members to become effective witnesses for Christ.
  3. Request and secure calendar time and finances to implement church approved plans of the evangelism committee.
  4. Work with the Sunday School to establish and maintain an up-to date prospect file of non-christian persons.
  5. Develop and conduct periodic surveys to determine evangelism/mission opportunities.
  6. Plan and coordinate other committee plans for evangelism month.
  7. Work with pastor in planning a crusade/revival to be held during the month designated for evangelism.
  8. Keep the church abreast with evangelism information emanating from the association.
  9. Work with the Baptist Young women in the planning and executing of mission projects and seek to involve other programs/committees in supporting and undergirding these projects.
  10. Provide administration and support services for church mission projects; i.e., Bible, studies, preaching points, missions etc.
  11. Provide for church possible areas for mission involvement, for example, social ministry, immigrants, church extension, interfaith witness, convalescence, children and elderly homes.
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