Fellowship & Ordinance

Fellowship & Ordinance

Biography of Josephine Rodrigues

Josephine Rodrigues of Springs St. George’s. is a born again believer and has been baptized from the age of thirteen. She was a former member of the St. George’s Berean Church, where she spent her early years serving God. She has held many different positions at church namely Sunday school superintendent, youth leader and member of the choir.. She then took membership in the St George ’s Baptist Church for the past 14 years or so.she has grown to love the Lord more in those years.It has been a year now since the lord has spoken to her to take an active role in the Church. He has called her to minister in the fellowship ministry. She has since obeyed His voice. The fellowship committee is responsible for creating a spirit of fellowship care and Christian love amongst its members and with God’s guidance she is willing to help develop the relationship of the church members to blossom in ways only God can inspire.

The Church Fellowship Committee

Principal Function: Promote a spirit of fellowship, care and Christian love among members.


  1. Plan, coordinate, and administer fellowship activities such as dinner, games evenings/days, prayer breakfasts, quizzes and any other activities which promote a spirit of sharing and enable members to get to know each other better. Two activities are expected each year:
    1. A church-wide Christmas Fellowship Dinner
    2. A  New Year’s morning prayer breakfast
  2. Compile a list of birthdays, anniversaries of members and send cards, on behalf of the church, to them.
  3. Be aware of, and inform the church of any special event/happening in the lives of members such as engagements, marriages, birth of baby, graduation, etc, and recommend to the church ways in which these might be acknowledged.
  4. In the event of a death of a member or of a member of his/her immediate family or close relatives, the committee should organize and coordinate the delivery of food to the bereaved. In addition, as far as is possible, the committee should attempt to organize the church membership so that visits to the bereaved are spread over a period of days.
  5. In the event of hospitalization of members, work with the flower committee to provide an arrangement for the sick, and encourage members to visit (a schedule of visitors may be set up so that visits of members are spread over a period of days).
  6. Organize and administer a big brother/sister, adopt a child/parent/grandparent programme in the church.
  7. Be responsible for the kitchen and fellowship area establishing policies for their use.
  8. Be responsible for all purchases of equipment, utensils used in the kitchen.
  9. Request budgetary support for the activities of the committee.
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