Finance & Transportation

Finance Committee

Principal function: To plan and promote stewardship education in all areas of church life and to lead the church in budget planning, promotion, subscription and administration.

Responsibilities and Relationships

With Councils

  1. Committee chairperson serves as ex officio member of Church council.
  2. Develop and recommend to the Church Council an overall stewardship education/information plan.

With Committees

  1. Review with committee chairpersons periodically the expenditures of committees to ensure correspondence with budget allocations and budget adjustments.
  2. Consult with the chairperson of each committee annually to determine the financial

resources needed by each committee for its work during the following year.

With church Officers:

  1. Committee chairperson informs moderator of reports to be made in church business meetings.
  2. Committee chairperson gives to church secretary a copy of any reports made during church business meetings for permanent record in the minutes of the church.
  3. The church treasurer serves as an ex officio member of the Finance Committee.

With Church Program Organization chairpersons/presidents/director

  1. Review with each president/chairperson/director periodically the expenditures of the organization in terms of budget allocations and budget adjustments.
  2. Consult with each president/chairperson/director annually to determine financial resources needed by each organization for its work during the next year.

With Church Business Meetings

  1. Make periodic reports on the work of the finance committee
  2. Answer questions about the work of the finance committee
  3. Recommend financial policies and procedures to be practiced by the church.
  4. Make personnel policy recommendations to the church and administer such policies as determined by the church.
  5. Make recommendations concerning proposed expenditures not included in the current budget.
  6. Recommend an annual church budget.

In relation to personnel matters

  1. Develop and budget salaries schedule and benefit provisions for minister(s).
  2. Consult with Building and Grounds committee in budgeting for additional hired personnel.
  1. Chairperson keeps the church treasurer informed regarding budgeted salary and benefit provision for paid ministers and other workers.
  2. Prepare and update job descriptions as needed.
  3. Negotiate salaries schedule and benefit provisions annually
  4. Recommend personnel policy to church. 

 The Church Transportation Committee

Principal Function: See to the transportation needs of the congregation for church-wide activities.

  1. Ensure that a bus is provided for congregation-wide activities and terms of payment be determined beforehand.
  2. Work with members and the bus drivers to ensure members arrive at church activities on time.
  3. Provide the treasurer with a monthly statement of bus expenses, indicating the number of times the bus ran and the cost for each trip. A separate statement should be made for each    bus serving the church.
  4. Advise and recommend to the church, after adequate study, the best way to meet the church transportation needs.
  5. Work with the mission committee to determine the transportation needs of the committee when there is a mission station in existence.
  6. Request budgetary support for the activities of the committee.
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