Sunday School

Sunday School (Christian Ed.)

Biography – Alison Greene

Alison Greene is the Chairperson of the Christian Education Department. She became a Christian in her late teens and has faithfully served the Lord for the past 25 years. She first started teaching Christian Education Classes aka Sunday School at an early age and taught classes for youth, beginners, and young women groups. For the past five years, she has provided leadership to the Christian Education Department.

Sister Alison relishes working in this ministry due to the fact that she has been given the opportunity to meet, teach, and reach people for Christ. She feels that it is not only about reaching the lost but also seeing the young babes in Christ mature and grow in Christ. The Ministry has a specific department devoted to Children’s Ministry which emphasizes education with a spiritual value. Sister Alison feels fulfilled in working in the Children’s Ministry since her vocation is dedicated to social work and improving the lives and well-being of children. She dedicates herself to live her life in the eyes of Lord and share his glory with each person she encounters in her walk with Christ.

Bible Teaching or Sunday School Duties 


  1. Reach persons for Bible study
  2. Teach the Bible
  3. Witness to persons about Christ and lead persons into church membership.
  4. Minister to Sunday School members and non-members
  5. Lead members in participating in and appreciating worship
  6. Interpret and under gird the work of the church and the denomination.
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