Training & Discipline

The Church Training/Discipleship Committee

The training program of this church is concerned with the equipping of all members for the work of Christian service, to build up the body and so enable it to perform its ministry in this temporal realm.

Principal Function(s): to help members to grow in Christian discipleship; understand and apply biblical doctrine; to live according to biblical teachings; to know and participate in the life of the church; to build up the church through witness, worship, ministry and learning; and to develop leaders for the work of the church.

The basic tasks of the Church discipleship committee are as follows:

  1. Develop a curriculum of study and determine (with church approval) times for classes.
  2. Reach persons for discipleship training
  3. Orient new church members for Responsible church membership
  4. Equip members for discipleship and personal ministry
  5. Teach Christian theology and Baptist doctrine, Christian ethics, Christian and Baptist History, church polity and organization, and any other subject which will enhance the         Christian’s ability to live and minister in Christ’s name.
  6. Train Leaders for ministry.
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