Family Life

Family Life

The SGBC Family Life Ministry is committed to “Empowering the family to fulfill God’s purpose”.  We are a team of caring individuals who seek to bring wholeness to the lives of families within the St. George’s Baptist Church, as well as within surrounding communities.

Healthy families lead to healthy communities, which lead to a healthy nation.  In our own country, many people are struggling with stressful personal or family situations—concerning marriage issues, the raising of children, singleness or dealing with aging or other issues—even in the church.  Where can they turn for confidential help?  The Family Life Ministry team is here for you, to listen to you and help you work through your sensitive situation from a realistic and Godly perspective.

We have four exciting ministry areas:

  1. The Melody of Marriage: husband and wife interactions
  2. Parents and Their Progeny: Parent-child / child-parent relationships
  3. Supreme Seniors: issues of life after 60
  4. Specifically for Singles: (From Solo to Due)– issues of single life and finding a life’s mate

The Family Life Ministry was launched in May 2011 and has held several exciting events.  In July 2011 we hosted the first “From Solo to Duet” event, a discussion forum between Christian singles across the island on issues of singleness.  Part 1, held at Mr. Green Jeans Restaurant on the Carenage, and Part 2, held in November 2011 at Mangrove Hideaway were both lively and insightful.  The Family Life Ministry also had its first Grenada Seniors Social Group meeting on October 29th, followed by the Youth vs. Seniors Discussion event on October 30th.

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